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This blog is set up like a book. The “Sections” heading in the right-hand tool bar serves as a table of contents, ordered as a book might be ordered. The “Archive” heading serves as a chronological entry log. I have chosen not to employ tags. So, please use the “search” feature for specific queries.

This is a living commentary, which means edits and modifications will surely be made to the posts. These edits will be logged and dated on the “edit log” page, as the post date stamps do not reflect edits. This way, rather than guessing where I may have made modifications, readers can simply check the edit log. The edit log will reflect post entry dates, latest edit dates, and hot-links to the associated modified posts.

Because the Sections are automatically listed in alphabetical order, because numeric values precede alpha values, and because I’d like to keep the Sections in sequential order from Luke to Acts, I’ve employed a specific format for the Sections. The introductory material (e.g., Preface, Introduction) pertains to both volumes, and each element is preceded by a zero (0), followed by a lower-case alpha character (a, b, c, etc.), and a description of content (e.g., 0a: Preface) to keep them atop the Sections heading and in order. For the commentary, the first character refers to the volume (i = Luke; ii = Acts). The second set of characters refers to the passage within the respective volume (e.g., i:16.19-31 = Luke 16.19-31; or i:11.53-12.3 = Luke 11.53-12.3). A brief description of the content of the respective passage follows (e.g., i:16.19-31: Rich Man and Lazarus).

References to secondary literature is parenthetically included within the commentary. The name of the author is followed by the title of the work referenced and the relevant page number(s). The publication information for the given source is found on the Bibliography page.

The Addenda page houses supplemental material not warranted in the body of a commentary, but just as important. This material is located under the Sections as Xa, Xb, Xc, etc. Each addendum is hot-linked on the Addenda page.

Suggestions? Questions? Feel free to contact me. Leave a comment below. Thanks.



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